Quality Assurance

I hold qualifed teacher status (Bachelor of Education, 1984) and have a Postgraduate Certificate in Asperger Syndrome (2005).  I have also had 2 Day Social Stories, 3 & 5 Day TEACCH, 2 Day PECS, 2 Day SCERTs, 1 Day Protective Behaviours and National eCAF training.  I have been trained to use the ADOS assessment tool as the ‘second professional’ and am able to support other professionals in both providing and examining the evidence for an autism spectrum diagnosis.  I update my skills regularly, attending training and conferences that are relevant to autism and SEND, to keep myself informed about new legislation and other developments.

I am working towards the relevant ‘Quality standards for special educational needs (SEN) support and outreach services’ as set out in the DSCF Guidance 2008 (DCSF-00582-2008) in terms of the outcome, management and delivery of my services.  These standards were designed to lead to improved outcomes for Children and Young People with SEN or disabilities.

I also keep in mind the key criteria for achieving Autism Accreditation as set out by the National Autistic Society.  These are that I demonstrate:

  • my commitment to providing effective support which is person-centred and rooted in an appreciation of current knowledge and understanding of autism
  • that I seek to understand each autistic person as an individual whose autism is an integral part of who they are and who have their own unique qualities, abilities, interests, preferences and challenges
  • that I enable each autistic person to carry out meaningful tasks and activities by employing a range of autism specific and personalised approaches and methods
  • that I support autistic people to achieve outcomes that have a positive and significant impact on their lives

To this end, I invite feedback from all my clients, to continuously inform the improvement and development of the services I offer; usually this means I will send out a short questionnaire following a period of involvement.  The most recent testimonials reproduced on this website have come directly from this feedback.

I also have a complaints policy and procedure in place which I will provide on request to anyone who needs it.

I hold a policy for professional indemnity for teachers and public liability insurance, taken out with the Alan Boswell Group, underwritten by HISCOX – policy number 0/MAND18TL01 – renewed annually.

I am registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office for Data Protection (registration number Z3360664) and have an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificate available for inspection on request.


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