Training & Events

Interested in creating your own training menu at reasonable prices?

I am able to offer whole school, smaller group or one to one staff (or parent) training on understanding autism; from the basics to more in-depth information.  I can also provide training on writing social stories; managing anxiety; safe social networking; autism and behaviour; understanding feelings; females on the autistic spectrum – or any new requests you might have.

Please contact me to let me know if there is a particular topic you’re interested in learning more about, or a geographical area you would like me to hold training in.  There’s no obligation and I won’t pass your details on to anyone else!  I’m also interested in your thoughts about preferred times of day/days of week/ length of training sessions.

I’m genuinely interested in tailoring the training I offer to your needs, rather than trying to provide a ‘one-size fits all’ training solution – and I love a challenge!

In Bedfordshire, I deliver training on behalf of the charity Autism Bedfordshire. I can also highly recommend the regular courses on a wide variety of topics which are offered by my colleagues at Autism Know How.

Here’s a quick ‘ten minute’ introduction to autism which you may find helpful – Autism Key Facts


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