Fees & Payment

Fees for the academic year 1st September 2017 – 31st August 2018

I operate a simple and transparent pricing structure with one rate for educational establishments/business organisations and a second, slightly lower rate for parents/carers. I keep my fees as affordable and as fair as I can for everyone, so please don’t ask for discounts.

In return I will not lock you into a contract, package or minimum number of hours of support unless this is what you want.

I will always agree my fees with you before going ahead with any work.  My quotations for work are based on the fee structure below.

I will offer an initial (one-off) 30 minute consultation to any new organisation or client, free of charge, with no further obligation, before undertaking work.  This can take place face to face at a mutually convenient location, or over the phone. Contact me to book!

Educational establishments/Business organisations

My fee is £60/hour. This rate includes travel within 10 miles of my base.

Example: a school might ask me to observe a child (1 – 2 hours), produce a comprehensive written report with recommendations from this observation and other information such as medical/school reports (3 hours).  Typically this would total 5 hours’ work and therefore cost £300, plus travel if applicable. Please note that there might be additional costs for resources – such as social stories or visual prompts, where agreed in advance – and travel, depending on location.  If required to attend a follow up meeting with staff and parents/carers this would add a further hour to the total.  Complex reports might require over 3 hours for writing up, although this is rare.


My fee is £40/hour. This rate includes travel within 10 miles of my base.

So 2 hours’ one to one work, whether on emotional literacy or managing anxiety (for example) would cost £80; however 1 hour physically attending an annual review meeting with parents/carers might cost more than £40 due to preparation time if needed.

Travel costs

These will be invoiced at the HMRC approved rate of 45p/mile for the whole journey where the journey exceeds 10 miles. 

My base for the purposes of calculating mileage is MK44 1EG.  I do not charge for time spent travelling.

Please contact me if you need any further clarification regarding my fee structure.


Payment should always be made within 15 working days of the invoice date.

I prefer payment by BACS (direct bank transfer), but will also accept payment by cheque, cash or PayPal.


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